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Judi Online: Rules For The Game

Poker table

On the Poker table, the chances of players operate in a clockwise direction which starts from Dealer’s end. The direct left 2 positions of the Dealer are referred to as, Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB), making it compulsory for them to make a bet.After the game round gets finished, the positions of BB & SB shift towards left.The amount of BB is always double in comparison to that of SB.The amount of BB on the table is the minimum bet for all the players.Basically,in Poker, the amount of SB & BB is fixed before the game gets started, whether playing online or offline.Now, all the players get 2 cards one by one, known as Hole cards and cards distribution takes place from Small Blind. This article will hence speak about the rules of the judi online.

rules of the judi online

How To Play The Game?

The first betting round, Pre-Flop Round, gets started after cards distribution. All players, except SB and BB, look at their cards and take the decision whether they want to play or not.

The first turn is of the player next to the BB, also known as ‘Under the Gun’.Now, there are 4 options for that player,

  • CALL – The player can call and match its amount to that of Big Blinds’.
  • RAISE – The player can bet more amount than that of BB.
  • ALL IN – The player can bet all his amount.
  • FOLD – If the player does not want to play, then he can fold his cards and quit the game.

Similarly, one by one all the players have 4 options that they need to perform chance-wise for the game to proceed.

When the betting amount of all the players becomes same, the first gets finished and all the bet amount goes inside the collection pot.

Now, the Dealer opens 3 cards on the table known as ‘The Flop’.All the players can use these 3 cards to match with their cards in case they are getting some ranks mentioned above, to make the best combination using 5 cards.

Now, the second round starts where the first player has 3 options,

  • CHECK – Here the player can pass over his turn to the next player without putting any bet.
  • BET – In this, the player has to bet the amount at least matching to that of BB’s.
  • FOLD – The player can quit the game as mentioned above.

If the first player has CHECKED, then all the next players can CHECK and the round gets finished but if any player has made aBET then all the other players have to CALL, RAISE or FOLD since they cannot CHECK till the round gets completed. When everybody’s amount becomes the same, the round gets finished and all the bet amount is again put inside the pot.

Now, the Dealer opens the 4th card known as ‘THE Turn’, and again the same game process continues till all the player’s bet amount matches and the amount is put inside the pot.

Now, the Dealer opens 5th and the last card of the game, ‘The River’, and the showdown round starts, all can do CHECK, BET, RAISE, CALL, FOLD or ALL IN and all the amount is again put inside the pot as soon as the round gets completed.

At last, all the players reveal their cards and the player who has the highest ranking Poker Hand, wins the game and takes the entire bet amount home, Yayaa!